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We can arrange competitive lease and asset finance for an extensive range of items, including:

  • Cars and boats;
  • Trucks, buses and aircraft;
  • Computers and other equipment;
  • Other machinery and equipment, such as vending machines, forklifts, photocopiers, medical equipment and telephone systems for example

The finance is arranged through our panel of lenders so we are able to offer a wide range of finance options, which include the following:

  • Asset Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Consumer Loan
  • Lease (or Finance Lease)


An asset purchase (or hire purchase) is ideal when financing motor vehicles, business plant and equipment, luxury assets as well as all of forms of office equipment.

A typical Asset Purchase structure has a term of two to five years with payments made monthly, although other options are available. An Asset Purchase agreement will normally run the full term, otherwise penalties may be incurred if it is terminated early.

When you wish to own the asset from the outset, this type of purchasing finance is an alternative to leasing. The hire purchase contract is a legally binding agreement between the financier and the hirer (the client) where the amount repayable is calculated over a fixed term and fixed rate, with fixed repayments. As well, you have a choice of a residual value (or balloon payment) when the term expires, depending on the age, type, usage and depreciation of the goods.

GST is usually financed over the term of the asset purchase agreement; however, GST accrual-based entities can generally pay the stamp duty upfront and claim the GST component immediately (please refer to your accountant for confirmation of your circumstances).


A Chattel Mortgage is ideal when financing cars and other motor vehicles such as trucks, buses, bobcats, as well as business equipment and office equipment for example.

A Chattel Mortgage can be structured similar to an Asset Purchase facility, however the total stamp duty (where applicable) is payable up front. This facility is ideal for clients who operate their accounts on a cash basis for GST purposes and wish to claim the GST up front as input tax credit. You should discuss your tax situation with your accountant.

Under a Chattel Mortgage, the purchaser takes title in the chattel from the time of purchase. The purchaser (borrower) finances the purchase price (or part thereof) of the chattel by way of a loan obtained from a lender and applies the borrowed funds as payment to the supplier for the chattel.

A hire purchase agreement is a contract for the hire of goods where the title in the goods remains with the financier and does not pass to the purchaser until either the option to purchase is exercised by the purchaser, or the final instalment is paid. This is a fundamental difference between a chattel mortgage arrangement and a hire purchase agreement.


A Consumer Loan is used by an individual to purchase a motor vehicle, boat or other asset that has no business use for the goods.

The facility is for personal use only. A consumer based loan requires the goods to be used as the security for the loan. This facility falls under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC). The interest rate, commission and other fees are disclosed on the contract and all consumer credit conditions apply to this loan. This facility can be structured with a balloon payment.


A Finance Lease is a traditional form of finance for the professional or corporates, mainly used when purchasing motor vehicles and plant & equipment for business purposes. With a Finance Lease, the repayment is generally allowable as a deduction (as compared to interest and deprecation with an asset purchase or chattel mortgage) which may provide some individuals with some taxation advantages. You should discuss your tax situation with your accountant.

A Finance Lease allows the client (lessee) the use of the goods for the specified period. The person who grants the finance lease (lessor) remains the owner of the property until all rentals have been paid including the residual value. The finance lease contract will always have a residual value that is guaranteed by the client (lessee). This residual value amount must be paid out at the end of the contract period before ownership can be transferred to the lessee. Finance Lease monthly rentals are calculated on the net purchase price and GST is added to the monthly repayment. To find out if we can finance an asset that you intend purchasing, contact us.


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