Our Financial Planning Process

See your 6 step process to financial planning

Gathering the Data

To make appropriate recommendations on the client's financial future, Ideal Financial Group will work with the client to understand their current financial position, financial objectives and needs, and the levels and types of investments that will meet the client's goals.

Identifying the Client's Goals

Identification of the client’s goals and objectives including:

  • Future income and asset levels
  • Placing investments in a secure manner
  • Future education expenses
  • Upgrading the family home
  • Maintaining lifestyle against inflation rises
  • Maintaining investment accessibility and flexibility
  • Estate planning
  • Accumulating assets
  • Personal Insurance including death, disability and income protection


Compare the client's financial situation with their financial goals and identify steps necessary to achieve those goals. The client's current situation, goals and future plans will all form the basis of the financial plan.


The plan will provide clearly identified recommendations relating to the client's goals and objectives. It will also recommend any actions necessary to remedy shortfalls, for example in capital or income.


Once the client has agreed to the financial plan, Ideal Financial Group can implement the recommendations by lodging the necessary investment applications, documents and redemptions or assist the client through the process.


The preparation and implementation of the financial plan is the starting point for the client's relationship with Ideal Financial Group. At regular intervals, we will meet with the client to discuss current investment portfolios and re-confirm their current position.

  • Tracking of existing investments
  • Investment portfolio valuations and reviews
  • Information on new investment opportunities
  • Ongoing communications
  • Reviewing progress in achieving the client’s
  • Ongoing consultations as required financial goals and revising strategies as required

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